How Is This Medical Practice Different?

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This medical practice is for people that are motivated to allow wellness back into their lives. Together we will work as a team to understand the root cause of your dis-ease and work with your body to come back to a place of health.

We recommend solutions that are as natural as possible, and help you manage medications if needed.

We suggest mindfulness practices, healing foods, evidence-based botanicals and supplements.

We want to support you through your healing process and help you live your life as healthy and dis-ease free as possible. We want to be your health team!

What to expect:

Your first visit will be a comprehensive 60-90 minute history and physical. Prior to this appointment, I will review the forms you will have filled out and past medical forms you have sent to my office. If you cannot fill out these forms for any reason, please contact me via email in advance.

During the visit, I will perform any part of a physical exam that will help us in creating a treatment plan. 48 hours after our visit you will receive my specific recommendations for specialized lab testing, and prescriptions for your medications, or any botanicals or supplements that we are going to try. You will also receive specific dietary guidance and tools for stress reduction, sleep and physical movement.

My goal is to help you rebuild your bodies natural ability to heal. This is generally a long-term plan. We will continue to change your plan as your body starts to readjust to being healthy again. As we continue to work together you will have an updated plan with every visit and may require repeat labs on occasion.

Your body has an innate ability to heal. I am committed to being on this journey with you by sharing my knowledge, tracking your progress and celebrating each success along the way.